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Vehicle Enforcement Data for Great Britain (Q1)

The DVSA recently published the Vehicle Enforcement Data for Great Britain for Quarter 1. The aim in publishing this data is to remind operators who don’t operate within the rules that they put road users and their reputation at risk.

About this data set

This data set comes from data held by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).

It isn’t classed as an ‘official statistic’. This means it’s not subject to scrutiny and assessment by the UK Statistics Authority.

Vehicle enforcement checks at roadside and operators’ premises

As a commercial driver, you might be asked to stop by the police or a DVSA officer. They can stop lorries, buses and coaches.

The police and DVSA have the power to carry out spot checks on your vehicle and issue prohibitions if necessary. A prohibition prevents you from driving until you get a problem with your vehicle fixed.

Police and DVSA officers can also issue fixed penalties if you commit an offence. Some of these are graduated depending on the circumstances and seriousness of the offence.

Light goods vehicles (LGVs) shown in the tables include light goods vehicles, cars, motorcycles, taxis, private hire cars and non-testable vehicles (eg mobile cranes, diggers and non-HGV trailers). The figures exclude vehicles that were sifted.

This data table is updated every 3 months.


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