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Launching Now: COTS Adds NPORS N405 Crane/Lift Supervisor Course to Their Training Portfolio

Are you ready to enhance your career as a Crane/Lift Supervisor? The NPORS N405 Crane/Lift Supervisor course at COTS Training is designed to equip you with essential skills and knowledge to excel in the industry. This training program is meticulously designed to equip you with essential skills and knowledge, for a successful career as a Crane/Lift Supervisor.

Course Objectives:

  • Industry Fundamentals:

    • Gain a foundational understanding of the construction and lifting industry.

    • Recognize the potential dangers associated with working in this industry.

    • Understand the responsibilities inherent to the role of a Crane/Lift Supervisor.

  • Lifting Equipment and Accessories:

    • Identify and locate various types of lifting equipment and lifting accessories.

    • Explain the basic construction, uses, applications, and functions of lifting equipment.

  • Documentation Proficiency:

    • Demonstrate the ability to interpret and extract information from relevant documentation.

    • Communication Methods:

    • Explain and demonstrate diverse communication methods crucial for lifting purposes.

  • Safety Procedures:

    • Detail procedures for placing non-serviceable items out-of-service.

    • Understand the function and use of RCIs and anti-collision systems, utilising provided information.

  • Equipment Handling:

    • Explain setup, erection, levelling, and dismantling requirements for various types of lifting equipment and lifts.

  • Safety Awareness:

    • Establish exclusion zones, outline emergency actions, and identify overhead hazards.

    • Identify potential hazards and unsafe lifting practices through different lifting scenarios.

  • Load Security and Integrity:

    • Explain the importance of checking load security for various loads and lifting accessories.

    • Detail procedures to ensure load balance and integrity during lifting operations.

  • Load Movement Supervision:

    • Supervise the movement of loads to different locations using various communication methods.

  • Environmental Considerations:

    • Address environmental considerations and factors affecting the planning of lifting operations, including external areas to the lift zone.

  • Out-of-Service Procedures:

    • Execute "out of service" and securing procedures with precision.

NPORS/CSCS Card Information:

Upon successful completion of the NPORS N405 Crane/Lift Supervisor course, delegates who successfully pass the training will receive an NPORS Operator Card, which is valid for three years.

There is also the opportunity to obtain the NPORS/CSCS card. If you need the NPORS/CSCS Card (NPORS Red Trained Operators Card), you are required to verify during the booking process and provide evidence that the CSCS HSE Operatives touch screen test was completed within the last two years.

For more detailed information about the NPORS/CSCS card, visit NPORS CSCS Card Information.

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