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Crane/Lift Supervisor

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Max Number of Delegates: 6

Duration: 3 Days

Length of Certification: 3 Years

Accreditation: NPORS N405

Course Aim

This NPORS accredited (N405) training program equips you with the skills to assume the responsibilities of a crane supervisor. Through this course, you will acquire knowledge on adhering to legal requirements, regulations, Codes of Practice, and industry standards.

Training Methods

Participants will undergo a multiple-choice test and a practical assessment. Those who successfully complete the assessments will be awarded an NPORS Operator Card, valid for a duration of 5 years.

Additional Information

The NPORS Crane/Lift Supervisor course is designed for individuals who already have experience in the construction industry and site operations, specifically in tasks related to slinging and lifting.


COTS Railside Training Centre SA11 2YR (Plant & Lifting), Client Site

Course Content

  • Have a basic understanding of the industry, the dangers of working in the industry and their responsibilities as a crane / lift supervisor

  • Explain the importance of locating and identifying different types of lifting equipment and lifting accessories. Explain their basic construction, uses, applications and functions

  • Demonstrate how to interpret and extract information on all relevant documentation

  • Explain and demonstrate diverse types of communication methods used for lifting purposes

  • Explain procedures for placing non-serviceable items out-of-service

  • Explain the function and use of the RCIs and anti-collision systems and use the information provided

  • Explain setting up, erection, levelling and dismantling requirements for diverse types of lifting equipment and lifts

  • Set up exclusion zone explaining actions required for emergency actions and identify overhead hazards

  • Identify potential hazards and unsafe lifting practices using different lifting scenarios

  • Explain the importance of checking the security of various types of loads and lifting accessories, explain the procedures ensuring load balance and integrity

  • Supervise the movement of loads to different types of locations using different methods of communication

  • Explain all Environmental considerations and explain how factors such as the external area to the lift zone can affect the planning of the lifting operation

  • Carry out all out-of –service and securing procedures

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