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Keeping Commercial Vehicles Safe to Drive (Roadworthy)

The DVSA has a vision for safer drivers, safer vehicles and safer journeys for all. An important way in which they aim achieve this is by helping you keep your vehicle safe to drive. Whether you operate a large fleet or just one vehicle, keeping your vehicles in a roadworthy condition is good for business, good for the environment and helps you stay safe on Britain’s roads.

To aid this, the DVSA have published a detailed guide called "Guide to maintaining Roadworthiness". You can download a full copy via this link:

This guide explains the responsibilities and systems involved in keeping vehicles in a roadworthy condition, regardless of operating conditions, fleet size or vehicle type.

It includes guidance on:

  • daily checks and inspections

  • inspection and repair facilities

  • regular safety inspections

  • responsibilities for roadworthiness

  • monitoring

You are encouraged to download this guide for yourselves and your team, ensuring you check back regularly for updates for when legislation is updated/introduced.


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