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Excavator Banksperson

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Max Number of Delegates: 6:1

Duration: 1 Day

Length of Certification: 3 Years

Accreditation: COTS Certificate

The specification details the required skills, knowledge and behaviours to establish competence to control the movement and operations of excavation plant on and around the work site.
Being able to efficiently and effectively monitor and control the work and movement of mechanical excavators on a work site in accordance with company procedures. 
Demonstrating a safety conscious approach to the control of hazards associated with the activity whilst working and communicating effectively with others to maintain a safe working environment on site.
What do I need to take this module?
Candidates to be assessed as competent in this skill area should have completed the modules shown below or have evidence demonstrating an equivalent level of competence.
To achieve this unit, you will need to be able to:
General Requirements
• Determine the work location using company documentation and work instructions
• Plan the work activity to comply with health, safety and environmental legislation and company policies and procedures
• Identify the required control measures to maintain a safe working environment
• Wear required personal protective equipment suitable to a banks persons duties
• Identify and take into account the type and proximity of overhead and underground services
• Confirm the position and size of the required excavation in accordance with work instruction / specification
• Confirm and use nationally recognised hand signals to control mechanical excavation operations
• Monitor and maintain the position and condition of services to ensure working practices within the work area avoid damage or disturbance

Knowledge and Understanding
To achieve this unit, you will need to be able to:


General Requirements
• Your responsibilities regarding health, safety and the environment whilst at work including the requirements of HSG 47
• The roles and responsibilities of a banks person
• The range and use of PPE for the work
• The occupational health hazards and risks in relation to excavation practices
• The reasons for protecting the work and surrounding areas
• The importance of maintaining the safety and integrity of the site
• How to establish and communicate the work sequence to team members
• The range and types of mechanical equipment used in excavations and their limitations and exclusions
• How to respond to varying ground conditions and monitor the integrity of the excavation
• Ensure exposed services are supported correctly, protected safely and securely and not used as supports, hand holds or footholds
• How to maintain good housekeeping of the site
• How to guide the movement and operations of plant to given working instructions
• Causes of instability in excavated areas, including soil types, moisture content, presence of surface water and ground water

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