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Web design – COTS Training

Did you know that along with all our training courses and consultancy services, we have also designed several websites for our clients! Using our in-house design team, our aim is to give businesses a simple, clean, well designed website, allowing them to have a much-needed online presence. Here are some websites we’ve designed:

Having a website and an online presence for your business can be critical in the current market. We consider there to be three major reasons why ALL small businesses should have a website in 2019:

1. Professionalism

Having a website is important as it portrays a professional image of your business. When competing with other businesses it’s important you make every effort to ensure you are top of the pile. If a customer is looking for a service you offer, the presence of a professional website could clinch the deal! It’s also a great way to display your company brand and ethos, allowing customers know what you’re all about.

2. Increase Customer Reach

It’s important to remember there are thousands of potential customers out there that don’t even know your business exists. When optimizing your website for search engines like google, you are allowing people to find who may not have known about your business in the first place! This untapped customer base could be key to business growth and sustainability moving forward.

3. Increase Marketing

Think of a website as a shop window. Your website is there to promote your business and it’s services. They key benefit of a website is that it’s there 24/7 for clients to see, so even when you close for the day or weekend, your website is still there working for you!

So, if you’re a small/medium sized business without a website, contact Jason at COTS training to further discuss our website design packages (Prices start from £500).

01792 587250


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