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Course Spotlight: PASMA Towers for Users

COTS are a market leader in the delivery of PASMA training. Our dedicated PASMA Instructors and training centre provides the perfect environment for you and/or your staff to complete the training.

All of towers courses are PASMA accredited. By gaining this accreditation we ensure our training meets the highest standards possible. These standards give candidates the confidence that by passing the course they will have gained the skills to allow them to construct and work safely on a scaffold tower.

One of the most popular PASMA courses we offer is the Towers for Users course. Topics covered on PASMA Towers for Users courses include :

• Legislation, Regulations and Guidance affecting working at height with mobile access towers

• Code of Practice

• Product Standards EN 1004

• Assembling, altering and dismantling towers

• Fall protection

• Inspection of completed mobile access towers

• Tower Inspection Records

• Hazards affecting the use of mobile access towers and how to avoid

Other PASMA courses offered at COTS:

  • PASMA - Combined Towers for Users and Low Level Access

  • PASMA - Large Deck Towers for Users

  • PASMA - Linked Towers for Users

  • PASMA - Low Level Access

  • PASMA - Tower for Managers

  • PASMA - Towers for Users

  • PASMA - Towers on Stairways for Users

  • PASMA - Towers with Bridges for Users

  • PASMA - Work at Height (Essentials)

For more information visit our website or you can get in touch by contacting 01792 587250 or


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