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Course Spotlight: Confined Space

COTS are a market leader in the delivery of Confined Space training. Our dedicated confined space chamber and training centre provides the perfect environment for you and/or your staff to complete the training.

All of our Confined Space training courses are accredited by City and Guilds. By gaining this accreditation we ensure our training meets the highest standards possible. These standards give candidates the confidence that by passing the course they will have gained the skills to allow them to work safely and effectively in confined spaces.

Some topics covered across our Confined Space courses include (check individual course outlines for course specific content):

  • Legislation

  • Risk Assessments & Safe Systems of Work

  • Enter and Egress

  • Equipment Checks

  • Gas Monitors

  • Harnesses

  • Communication

  • Emergencies

  • PPE

Confined Space variations offered:

For more information you can get in touch by contacting 01792 587250 or

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