PCV Category D1

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Course Requirements

Prior to starting the course you need to apply for your provisional licence, which is free of charge. To enable you to do this you have to have a medical either with your own doctor or our doctor at a cost of £95.

You will need to send off this medical form (D4) with your application form (D2) to the DVLA, which normally takes up to about 10 days to process. Only when you receive your licence back from the DVLA with the provisional entitlement on can you proceed onto the next step. You will need to study and sit a theory and hazard perception test, which currently has a two to four week waiting period to be able to get tests. If you would like to study for these tests using our online training, we can arrange for you to have access at a cost of £18. Once you have passed your theory tests you are then able to continue with the practical training course.

As you acquired your car licence after 1st January 1997, you will need to undertake and pass the Initial Driver CPC qualification to allow you to drive PCV's commercially. This consists of two further tests. The first being Module 2, a case study theory test which you will have to pass before proceeding onto the second test, Module 4 which is a practical knowledge vehicle test - there is no driving required for this part but a demonstration to the examiner on load security, vehicle operation and safety.

The cost of Category D1 (3 days) training is:


Online theory training access


Hazard perception theory

Multiple choice theory

12hrs practical training inc test day


Practical test


Initial Driver CPC covering modules 2 + 4

Online training & support

Mod 2 test fee

Practical training on vehicle

Mod 4 test fee



Driver CPC

35hrs Periodic training























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