Operational Management Support

COTS Transport Manager Operational Support services are designed to offer consultancy services to clients who hold or are applying for a Goods Operator Licence.  COTS, through our Operational Support Package, offer guidance and support – long-term or monthly - in ensuring that your systems meet the required standard through regular advice and audits of your systems.  COTS also carry out a number of operational management supports, which are:

  • Provision of Nominated Transport Managers in the LGV sector

  • Ensuring full Operator Licence support for any changes that are required

  • Providing support for staff to ensure they understand the complex legislation for operating commercial vehicles

  • Provision of Tachograph Analysis including infringement reports and missing mileage reports, digital overspeed reports, driver weekly analysis reports, etc.

  • Offering cost-effective comprehensive periodic Operator Licence audits.  The audits involve a thorough analysis of your transport system to ensure all the procedures are followed.  Also, the audits ensure there is strict adherence to systems by staff.  These audits can also be used to support any quality assurance accreditation the business may hold or seek

  • Offering assistance and guidance to ensure your driver’s handbook reflects the changing legislation

  • Drafting drivers’ recruitment policy.  In addition, we help sift through CVs, interview drivers ready for induction to include the first two modules of Driver CPC, M1 & M2 (drivers’ hours and traffic law).  We also place adverts and filter calls through our office, which ensures you reduce calls to your organisation

  • Set up systems to monitor the maintenance planner and vehicle files

  • Notification of service, MOT, tax, and calibration due dates

  • Implement and monitor a nil defect system, focusing on major reduction in damage and prohibitable items

  • Creation of debrief reports completed daily by office staff, monitored with KPI’s presented to directors, to include MPG figures, trip mileage, drivers’ hours monitoring and vehicle damage

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